About Us - The Business Bankruptcy Specialists

Jerome S. Cohen, Attorney At Law

Founded in 1990 by Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney Jerome S. Cohen, the firm specializes in matters involving business bankruptcy and reorganization, corporate insolvency, and commercial litigation and transactions. JSC is highly regarded for its business bankruptcy experience, successful litigation, and published legal writings. The highly qualified attorneys at JSC provide expert yet cost effective services to clients; representing companies and individuals in various capacities, including debtors, creditors, equity holders, committees, trustees and investors.

Since its inception, this Los Angeles bankrupcy law firm’s commitment to protecting clients’ rights and aggressively pursuing them has been a foremost priority.  In bankruptcy matters, JSC has an excellent record of reducing real estate and commercial loan liability, and obtaining Chapter 11 plan confirmation effectively for its clients. In the business and medical/professional areas, the firm has successfully represented clients in litigation, reorganization through bankruptcy, and corporate transactions. Consistently, in representation of bankruptcy debtors, JSC has won the court’s most meaningful acknowledgment of value added — approval of professional fee requests.