JSC represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of bankruptcy, business, and general litigation. The firm’s litigators are aggressive in advocating on behalf of clients, bringing years of coutroom experience to bear in each action.

The firm has a record of successfully and effectively bringing and defending motions related to prejudgment remedies such as attachment and receivership; bringing outstanding results for its clients. JSC's Los Angeles business bankruptcy attorneys assist clients in not only chapter 11 filings, but also in litigation involving: preferences, lien validity, fraudulent transfers, discharge and dischargeability, leveraged buyouts, priority disputes, as well as related matters facing troubled businesses. Clients benefit from the firm’s extensive experience in commercial matters such as contract disputes and fraud actions.

Litigation Practice Areas include:

  • Bankruptcy court litigation, including suits to recover preferences and fraudulent transfers, discharge and dischargeability litigation, contested plan
  • Business and commercial matters including contract disputes and fraud actions
  • Business and general litigation in state and federal courts
  • Motions for relief from automatic stay and prejudgment remedies
  • Additional business and individual matters on a case by case basis